It is rather terrible what is happening lately everywhere in the world. It is as if mother nature is fighting back against the horrible and nasty behaviour of humans with each other and the wars that are currently going on. Unfortunately the nature disasters as well kill too many innocent lives :*(

I was shocked when the Japan Tsunami happened and to learn about the Fukushima Power Plant. The radiation is spreading fast and all these people will be terminally ill and no food or anything organic can be exported from Japan hitting their economy as well. The way the Japanese deal with it all is amazing I must give the hats off to the people, how calm they are about it all.

The other terrible things that happened were the New Zealand Quakes, the Australian Floods and more Quakes. Is it true that most of planet earth will be destroyed by 12th December 2012 which is the D-Day apparently? At this moment it sure looks like it. If only we knew… I sure would live totally different if I knew it could all be over in just over a year.


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