Social Networks

All those so called Social Networks are anything but in my opinion. Never has there been as much hatred, dissing, bullying and nastyness on the internet since all those sites like myspace, facebook, Twitter and Tumblr came along. I am not fond of them at all, ever since they came out I couldn’t really stand them. I have a myspace as I have been nagged years ago but I rarely am on it anymore, I prefer to speak to my friends via email or messenger and so do they as it is more personal and safer. Besides we are not in need of the fake attention and superficial mass adding that is on these sites.

It is rather shocking to see what people do to each other on there thinking they are anonymous behind the screen, how many are lying just about everything about themselves and what sort of things people come up with.

Too many relationships are breaking apart due to this sites, friendships ruined and even lives destroyed.

Sometimes I just wonder about the sanity of the human race, the future of us… right now it does look more bleak than hopeful.


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