Now everyone who knows me knows that I dispise drama and usually dun comment much on such things but as I have been the victim of some rather horrible attack I decided to blog this.

The other day some woman I have never met in my life… who does not know me except for maybe from a few photos or what one person we both know may have said… found it necessary to publish defamation and lies about me on the internet. I was rather shocked to say the least. Why are people just using someone else for no reason at all and make false allegations about them? It is so horrible to see the internet being abused for a platform of mobbing and hatred. If ya dun like someone just ignore em… move on. Life is too short. There surely are better things one can do with the little time we have on this planet.

I have failed to think of a reason for this. Either she just tried to get in contact with me that way… which of course is the most wrong way to chose… or out of jealousy as I have been invited to an event a while ago to which now her favourite actor has been invited as well… eventhough I have met him loads of times by now and it is a rather silly reason anyway. Other than that I have no clue why I was chosen for her release of hate.

First I was thinking about suing for defamation… and wrong allegations but in the end I just decided to roll my eyes at it. It’s a shame how cruel some people are out of jealousy or even more worrying… mental issues. It has been a very distressing and shocking experience to me to say the least but truly I just feel sorry for that human being to feel the need to do such a thing. I have then decided Karma will take care of it by itself and not to sue.

Hearing about so many deaths lately of family of friends or reading about them online… it makes me realise everything could be over tomorrow… more people should make more out of their life.

It really never ceases to amaze me what people do to each other.


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