Aspartame and Plastic

Since a while now it has become almost impossible to buy anything in glass anymore, most drinks and all is packed up in plastic. Well Plastic isn’t only the worst for the environment it also gives small amounts of poison into our foods and drinks, which can lead to cancer, brain turmors and other health issues. Of course the industry is keeping this silent, after all they make big bucks, billions of Pounds/Euros/Dollars with it, but the truth needs to be put out there, even if I am alone with it, I KNOW IT IS UNHEALTHY!

The next worry is Aspartame and Saccharin. Chemical sweeteners, the industry claims that the small doeses in our food and drinks don’t matter, I beg to differ. Rather have real sugar than sweeteners. STAY AWAY FROM DIET DRINKS and anything saying diet. STAY AWAY from sugar-free gums containing Aspartame (again I know how hard this is as I too only have sugar-free gum and only found two that do NOT contain this poison. Drink fruit juices with water, water, tea, lemon with ice and water and a spoon of sugar instead of fizzy drinks / soft drinks. Check the labels. It’s not the “bad” food we eat that is making us ill and fat, it is actually all the chemicals within the processed food and everything being wrapped up in plastic.


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