Charlie Bewley

In October when I was over in Germany to attend Ring*Con I met someone who I had no idea until that day even existed. His name is Charlie Bewley and his aura, his whole being just left a massive expression on me. Now I never watched Twilight, and don’t think I ever will, from what I have heard and seen online it isn’t my cup of tea so I wouldn’t know who the actors in it are, unless Robert Pattinson of course, which I have seen as Cedric in Harry Potter.

Now when I was just browsing the Convention with my friend Christina he was suddenly just there. I couldn’t help but notice him out of the few hundred or even thousand visitors that were also there. He just had these positive vibes that drew me in, and how many times do you come across this? It didn’t take me long to find out he was an actor who was a guest at the Convention (I was there for the fun. my friends and of course the Harry Potter guests) so I knew I wouldn’t even have to try and make him notice me.

In the evening at the hotel bar Christina all of a sudden disappeared, I was holding out seats, as they are hard to come by at a con, and noticed the small table we found was right beside the VIP area, and who was there? Charlie. He came over to talk and we had a drink together it was really lovely and he seemed like a lovely bloke. Sadly I wasn’t in a happy mood though and just wanted to know where my friend was and why she had not come back for over an hour, so I didn’t make the most out of it, which I still regret to this day. Another missed chance maybe, and who knows if we will ever cross paths again even it sort of felt as if we had similar minds, very different to most people out there. A missed chance maybe?


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