I really wonder why people have gone so immature and rude. The majority of the younger generation now are so immature it is unreal. I remember when I was 20-25 years old which is not that long ago but I have not been that immature… talking in baby language and making weird smilies wanting them to be cat faces or “cute”. Sure the parents are to blame most of the time as they did not have much education or manners so can’t pass it on to their children.

The other issue I have is the growing rudeness and aggressiveness amongst each other. Sure not everyone can or will get along but why do people treat others with such disrespect for no reason? Why so much hatred? Why pure rudeness? Of course those educated have no need to hate but it can’t be that the human race is just getting dumber and more uneducated by the day can it? This is really worrying and a concern.

Life has so much to offer and we all have to live with each other on this overpopulated small planet called earth so please just show some respect and treat another as you wish to be treated. It’s simple 😉


Your 2 cents

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